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How to Keep Cookies Moist for Days After Baking

April 27, 2010

Nothing is as good as fresh, home-baked cookies straight from the oven. After a long day of cookie baking, the ones that don’t get eaten immediately are usually placed into a cookie jar so they can be enjoyed for the rest of the week. And, while many cookbooks provide great information and advice about baking cookies that come out of the oven moist, many don’t include information on how to keep those cookies moist the days following baking. Moist cookies can quickly become dry and dull after a couple days in the cookie jar, which makes the cookies less appetizing. However, there are a number of tricks and techniques can be used to keep cookies moist after baking.

First, try and find cookie recipes that are extremely moist from the beginning. The more moisture a cookie has initially, the longer it will take them to become hard and stale. Exposure to air causes moisture loss through evaporation. It may seem silly to think of evaporation in relation to cookies, but keeping the cookies tightly sealed, away from the open air will help prevent them from drying out. Instead of placing cookies in a cookie jar, they should be placed in an airtight container that will seal the moisture in. When placing them in the container, you may also want to use wax paper between cookie layers to prevent them from sticking together.

Plastic storage bags are a great option as well so that the cookies can be bagged in smaller amounts. By placing the cookies in smaller batches, moisture lost from opening and closing the container will be minimized. Plus, plastic bags often hold in the moisture better then airtight containers since you can squeeze out excess before sealing the bag. If you don’t have plastic bags, plastic cling wrap is another good option. You can prevent moisture loss this way by tightly wrapping up the cookies.

To aid in the battle against lost moisture, many cooking companies manufacture products designed to retain moisture during storage. A perfect example of this is the brown sugar bear, which is designed to keep foods moist during storage. Essentially, it is bear-shaped piece of terra cotta that is soaked in cold water for a couple hours and then placed inside the canister. There, the food absorbs the moisture from the bear. When the bear dries out, it is removed, re-soaked then replaced in the canister. They can be used in cookie jars and will ensure moist cookies for several days.

When you bake cookies, you want to make sure they get eaten. By taking measures to keep them moist for a long time, you can rest assured that they will be.

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