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Incorporating Your Favorite Candy into Your Cookies

April 27, 2010

Everybody who has a sweet tooth can probably recite his or her top five favorite cookies. And most likely their top five favorite candies, too. But have you ever considered putting two of your favorites from each group together to get a cookie recipe that incorporates both? Let’s take chocolate, for example. That one is easy. Chocolate chips have been around seemingly forever, and there are dozens of recipes with them as a major ingredient. But what if you have a favorite chocolate bar that you love to eat? Why not chop it up and substitute it for the chocolate chips? Let’s be honest. It will most likely be completely delicious.

For many kids, making cookies with Mom or Grandma in the kitchen was a highlight of the week. First, you would get to pick out the recipe and then you get to make the dough. And, of course, you would then get to taste the dough to make sure it’s good enough to bake. After baking, you had hot gooey treats to share with all of your family and friends (although, you probably had to try one first to make sure it was okay to share). In a nutshell, making cookies was probably one of the first things you learned how to do. As a kid, how great would it have been to be able to incorporate your favorite candy into that recipe — like Reese’s Pieces, M&Ms or even a Snickers bar? Well, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from experimenting now!

Of course, you’re not likely going to find a specialized recipe that tailored to include each and every candy you desire to experiment. But, in all reality, that is pretty unnecessary. You just have to figure out what kind of batter you want to as your cookie’s base. Do you know of any other cookie recipes that emulate your idea? If you can’t find one at home or from a friend, the Internet has thousands of recipes to choose from. As soon as you find one of those, things should be fairly easily from there. If you think that your purple candies might not taste good with a peanut butter batter, think of a recipe without nuts. Maybe a sugar cookie recipe? Or shortbread? If you can’t think of a batter you prefer to use, try making your favorite batter and placing the candy one top of the warm cookie, or crush the candy and sprinkle the dust on top.

Candy cookies are especially fun to make for holidays or special occasions. Christmas can produce candy cane cookies, and for Halloween you can substitute candy corns. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you love the ingredients.

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