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Saving Time by Making No-Bake Cookies

April 27, 2010

What can you do when you need cookies fast, but you don’t have the time to wait for them to bake and you don’t want something purchased from the market? It’s a tough situation to be stuck in, but it’s definitely not a hopeless one. In times like this there are delicious cookies you can make that don’t require any baking at all — No-bake cookies! The options here are endless, and they are very fast and easy to make, which lets you get done the things you need to get done.

Although there are many no-bake cookie recipes on the Internet and in cookbooks, you can make no-bake cookies very easily and probably from ingredients you have at home already. Most recipes have a “wet” ingredient such as butter, marshmallows or corn syrup. Even juice will do. Combine that with sugar or powdered sugar, honey, hot cocoa mix or evaporated milk and heat these up in the microwave or the on the stovetop. When the ingredients have melted, stir them together. This will form the glue that will keep the cookies together.

Have ready to mix in the wet batter anything you love that is crunchy and delicious. Dried cereal is always good here. If the cereal seems too bulky, simply mash it into smaller pieces. You can incorporate any sort of nut, too, such as peanuts, walnuts, pecans, macadamias, almonds and cashews. You can also add fruits, like shredded coconut and raisins. If you prefer chocolate in your cookies, you can add chocolate chips to the cookie dough, or you can melt them with the wet ingredients. After you have mixed the wet and dry ingredients together, place the desired size of cookie on a sheet to cool. And once they’ve cooled, they are ready to be enjoyed. The options are endless.

If you need to get a grasp on the measurements, it just takes a moment to look up no-bake cookie recipes online. After you’ve looked over a couple of recipes, measurements should be pretty easy to understand. The key here is that making something without baking is fast and painless. And since absolutely no baking is required, clean up is a cinch, too. Expedient baking isn’t the only plus to making these fabulous cookies. Because these cookies require no flour to bind them together, it is very easy for you no make a gluten-free recipe for people who can’t tolerate gluten. Just make sure that none of your other ingredients have gluten and you are good to go.

In today’s fast-paced world, we should have to sacrifice fabulous tasting baked goods. Not only are no-bake cookies a popular treat, they are also quick to make!

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