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Using Cookies Instead of Birthday Cake to Celebrate

April 27, 2010

You’ll be hard pressed to find a birthday party that doesn’t include some kind of sweet treat. If you’re getting tired of the same old birthday cake, then maybe it’s time to give birthday cookies a try. Cookies offer lots of personalization options, as well as being fun to make and even more fun to eat. Few kids, or adults for that matter, will turn down decorated cookies, and if you know your guests well you can tailor your cookies so that everyone gets exactly what they like.

Cookies are a great substitute at a birthday party not only because they taste great, but also because they’re so easy to make! Baking a cake can be time consuming, not mention frosting it and decorating it. Sugar cookies can be baked in as little as eight minutes, and only require a few simple ingredients that most cooks already have. Additionally, topping sugar cookies with frosting can be a fun way to personalize them. You can write the names of the guests on the cookies, or even make faces that match the partygoers. If you’re short on party activities, why not have a cookie decorating station? Use frosted cookies and have partygoers decorate them using sprinkles and other candies. Or, set the cookies out on a table with a bowl of frosting, a few knives and some decorations, and have each guest do it all themselves.

Parties contain large amounts of people, and an increasing number of children and adults are being diagnosed with food allergies. Once again baking multiple cakes to cater to food allergies can take too much time. But, a making separate cookie batch takes almost no time at all. One way to go about it is to mix all of the ingredients that everyone can have. Then, pull out a small part of the dough. Add the allergenic ingredients to the original batch, and the non-allergenic ingredients to the dough you set aside. This is much easier than baking two cakes. Just make sure that you bake the non-allergenic cookies on a separate baking sheet.

Another great thing about cookies is their versatility. No everyone likes the same kind of cake, and making multiple kinds is usually out of the question. With cookies, changing up the recipe is easy. If one guest doesn’t like chocolate, you can substitute in peanut butter chips or even nuts or fruit. Cookies offer an almost endless combination of toppings and fillings, and you don’t have to make a new batch of dough each time.

No matter which way you slice it, cookies are a great substitute for cake, and may become a new birthday favorite.

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