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Who Needs Oreos: Baking Your Own Sandwich Cookies

April 27, 2010

Since their grand appearance in 1912, Oreo cookies — two chocolate wafers filled with cream — have remained a highly popular cookie. It wasn’t until the 1950s that Girl Scouts came out with a sandwich cookie of their own. Additionally sandwich cookies such as the marshmallow cookies — two vanilla wafers filled with marshmallow and jelly — were highly popular around this same time. Since then, sandwich cookies of all kinds have gained popularity. There are as many cookie varieties as there are fillings to put in them. Crispy wafer cookies, crunchy chocolate cookies, thin vanilla flavored rounds and thick and chewy cookies filled with vanilla cream, chocolate cream, strawberry cream, marshmallow, jelly and frosting remain favorites. However, homemade sandwich cookies offer the opportunity to create any combination of cookie and filling.

Making your own sandwich cookies a great way to ensure cookies are baked fresh and without unnecessary additives. It also allows cookies to be personalized and suited to individual tastes that are not available in manufactured, store-bought cookies. Before making sandwich cookies, the first thing to do is to decide on the type of cookie to be used. Store bought cookies such as vanilla wafers, plain animal cookies, along with chocolate chip, oatmeal or sugar cookies, shortbread and ginger snaps all make great sandwich cookies. Many home-baked cookie recipes also make great cookie choices for sandwiches.

By baking your own cookies, you can control both the size and texture of the cookie. Soft, chewy or crunchy cookies can all be made large or small. Nearly any cookie recipe can be used; however a flat cookie is ideal for making sandwiches. Gingerbread, peanut butter, chocolate chip, oatmeal and sugar cookie recipes are perfect for sandwiches and can be baked soft or crunchy, big or small. After deciding on the cookie choice, the next step is to decide on a filling.

Sandwich cookie fillings can be just about anything at all, but it shouldn’t be too runny or too solid. The perfect filling is both soft and firm, and compliments the flavor of the cookie. Great filling choices include creamy or chunky peanut butter, homemade or canned frosting, marmalade, jam or jelly, heavy whipped cream and fudge. Ice cream and yogurt sandwich cookies can be made by placing yogurt or softened ice cream between two cookies, wrapping in plastic wrap and placing in the freezer until solid. A creamy chocolate filling can be made by melting a handful of chocolate chips with a handful of marshmallows, mixing together, placing between two cookies and allowing to cool.

The hardest part about making your own sandwich cookies is deciding on the cookie and filling to use. The rest is easy.

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