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Four Simple Ways To Help Cookies Stay Fresh As Long As Possible

May 20, 2010

If you are planning to venture into the business of selling online homemade cookies, keeping cookies fresh would be your biggest challenge. Here are some tips you could use to ensure that your cookies keep their fresh-baked quality in them.

The secret to keeping cookies fresh is to always allow them to completely cool first before storing them in any way. The first way to store them is to layer the cookies in a 9×13 plastic container with wax paper in between each layer. Once you’ve reached the topmost layer, add wax paper then a slice of fresh bread. Put the lid on the container to seal in the freshness. When the slice of bread becomes hard or stale, simply replace it with a fresh one.

Second tip is a common baking practice for keeping cookies, cakes, and breads moist and fresh. Simply add half of an apple to the container you will be using to store your cookies. The moisture from the apples will keep the moisture in your cookies so they are kept soft for a longer time.

Another tip for keeping your online homemade cookies fresh is to take an aluminum tea ball and place a cotton ball that is slightly dampened with water inside it. Close the tea ball and drop it inside the cookie jar. Add more water to the cotton ball every now and then. Dry cookies can also be softened this way.

Finally, to keep those cookies fresh even longer, freeze them. To properly freeze cookies, work on them depending on their type. Never mix two kinds of cookies together. Place a sheet of freezer paper in the bottom of a plastic container. Carefully layer your cookies on the freezer paper. Cover that layer with another sheet of freezer paper, and then add another layer. Repeat the process until your container is packed. Be sure to leave a space between the cookies and the container lid. Completely seal the container with the lid. Using a permanent marker, write the cookie type on the lid and the date you are freezing them. Place the container in your freezer. Be sure it lays flat on a surface and won’t be jarred around. The plastic containers and freezer paper will keep your cookies fresh and moist for up to three months, while protecting them from freezer burns. When you are ready to consume or even sell the cookies you have frozen, you simply have to remove them from the freezer. Let them sit on the counter and allow them to reach room temperature. Never let direct sunlight hit them.

With these 4 simple tips, you can have freshly baked, soft, and moist cookies all year round.

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