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How Cookies Purchased Online Stay Fresh During The Delivery Process

May 20, 2010

The secret to sending and receiving shipped cookies that are kept fresh, lies in good packaging techniques. Especially for the online cookies business, employing the best cookie delivery method, is a top priority. 
Good packaging techniques often involve the cookies being kept in an airtight and well-cushioned container.

Before packaging, cookies are cooled to room temperature. If they won’t be shipped that same day, cookies are sealed in airtight containers. When ready for cookie delivery, the cookies are wrapped in plastic wrap or cellophane. Foil does the same job but plastic wrap makes nice packaging materials because of its transparency. The cookies can be wrapped individually but packaging them per pair, back to back, will help keep them secure during shipping.

When wrapping the cookies with plastic wrap or cellophane, a separate layer of plastic is placed in between the layers. This keeps the layers from sticking together. A sheet of cellophane that is larger than the pair of cookies is laid side by side. Bottom side down, the cookies are placed on top of the wrap. The top of the wrap is folded, covering and turning the cookies upside down –similar to folding a letter to fit into an envelope. The process is repeated until all cookies are wrapped.

When all cookies are wrapped securely, they will be transferred to an airtight container for shipping. The shipping box will be filled with packing materials such as bubble wrap, shipping peanuts, crushed up newspapers or grocery bags. These packing materials are placed around the cookies for maximum cushioning. The box is shaken to check whether the cushioning is enough. If not, more newspaper, peanuts, and bubble wrap are added. It is made sure that nothing shifting inside is heard or felt. If there is space left inside the box, the cookies may be jarred around, causing damage to them. The box is then sealed after careful inspection.

Other important tips that online cookies companies live up to are: Packaging soft cookies along with a slice of fresh bread or apple will help retain the moisture and freshness of the cookies; Soft cookies and crisp cookies are not packaged together. Moisture from the soft cookies will only soften the crisp cookies; Cookies with icing, glaze, and delicate decors are placed in single layers between sheets of wax paper. Each type of cookie is packed separately to retain distinct flavors and textures. Cookies must be wrapped in rows as securely as possible in order to prevent shifting and breakage. Lastly, mark the word “fragile” on the box.

With these simple packaging techniques, shipping cookies from one location to another is like bringing cookies straight from the oven to the kitchen counter. If you are looking to buy cookies online, has you covered!

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