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How To Keep Fresh Baked Brownies Moist And Chewy For Days

May 20, 2010

One of the most beloved smells in the world is the scent of homemade chocolate brownies. For some people, this smell can evoke memories of a warm kitchen in the middle of winter, with the comforting figure of mother or grandmother mixing up a batch of brownies. There are also memories of being given the bowl of remaining chocolate batter to lick the sides of. Many of us have begged our mothers or grandmothers for the recipes for those brownies of our childhood and tried to relive those warm memories in the kitchen. Other people may opt to buy their brownies from a purveyor of online cookies.

Assembling the ingredients for the brownies is simple. Fresh cocoa powder, butter, milk and sugar are readily available at any grocery store. Following a recipe is also a simple task, although there is some skill involved in the correct temperatures to keep the melting chocolate at. Then, of course, there is the agonizing wait time while the brownies are baking in the oven. Generally, the best way to check for a finished product is to insert a clean knife into the center of the chocolate brownies. If the knife comes out clean when removed, the brownies are done.

Then there are those few frantic moments when you want to eat the brownies immediately but are aware that they are still too hot in temperature to be consumed. Of course, a slightly singed mouth is a small sacrifice to pay for that initial and delicious magmatic chocolate goo, and all brownie connoisseurs have experienced that delicious pain.

Now that you have successfully followed the time honored traditional recipe of your mother and grandmother and have been rewarded with a large batch of brownies, you certainly don’t want to make yourself sick by eating them all in one sitting. The question arises naturally, of how to keep your brownies fresh delicious and chewy for the next few days.

This can easily be arranged with proper storage. You need an airtight container, preferably a plastic food storage bag or a Tupperware container. Place the brownies in the plastic food storage bag with a dampened and crumpled paper towel and then force the air out of the plastic food storage bag. This will prevent as much oxygen as possible from entering into the chamber where the brownies are held, oxygen being the unfortunate agent that will cause them to dry out. The dampened paper towel will supply additional moisture.

Of course, if this is all too much trouble, you can purchase delicious brownies from a purveyor of online cookies. The online purchased brownies should still be packaged in the same way to maintain freshness.

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