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Low Fat Cookies And Three Ways To Help Them Still Taste Great

May 20, 2010

Cookies are a favorite treat for young and old alike. As yummy as they are, they could sabotage your diet if you’re trying to lose weight or keep a medical condition in check. How can you have your cake – or cookie – and eat it too? There are definitely options that will help you accomplish your goals without feeling deprived.

Low fat cookies are a great option for those of us watching our fat intake. Online cookies, or store-bought cookies, can be purchased to accommodate special diets but still satisfy that sweet tooth or late-night craving.

If you bake your own cookies, you will have more control of what goes into them by adding or subtracting ingredients according to your own preferences. You don’t have to sacrifice taste in order to get your cookie fix.

One way to make your low fat cookies taste great is to use artificial sweeteners instead of regular white sugar or decrease the sugar by half. Splenda is a great substitute and even has a special version that is meant only for baking. Other artificial sugars – like Sweet n’ Low and Equal – might also be options, however, make sure they are suitable for baking. You can also use agave, nectar, honey or Stevia to replace regular white sugar.

Another idea is to replace entire ingredients. For instance: chips for fruit. If you love chocolate chip cookies – as many of us do – try replacing the chocolate chips for raisins, dried fruit or oatmeal. By simply eliminating that ingredient, you save yourself from additional calories and fat. You can also replace the eggs, which are high in cholesterol, for flaxmeal. Flaxmeal has the consistency of course flour, is made from flax seeds and has essential Omega-3 fatty acids that will not only make your cookies low in fat, but super-healthy. One tablespoon, mixed with three tablespoons of water, equals one egg.

If you’re not a baker, you can still buy lower-fat versions of most of your tried and true, high-sugar favorites. Finding online cookies that are low-fat might be your best bet. But, if you can’t wait for the shipment to arrive, buy a box of low-fat, low-calorie graham crackers or crackers at the store and dip them in low-fat, non-dairy whipped cream, peanut butter or fruity yogurt to enhance flavor.

Whether you buy them online, in stores or bake them yourself, cookies will always be a favorite treat. But, there are creative ways to fit them into your life and still maintain a healthy diet. Incorporating one of these three ideas will allow you to indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure, but without the guilt!

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