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Three Ways To Add Extra Flavor To Standard Chocolate Chip Cookies

May 20, 2010

No matter where they come from or what their background is, everyone has fond childhood memories of a warm kitchen filled with the enticing and delicious smell of baking cookies. Whether or not it was mom, dad or a grandparent making those cookies, everyone can remember the anticipation they felt as the cookies were removed from the oven and set on the cooling rack. Everyone can remember that first bite of crispy gooey, chocolate chip cookie goodness and the perfect satisfaction that ensued.

Many individuals, growing out of the realm of childhood, try to reclaim those fond memories and delicious tastes by baking their own cookies. Others might opt to simply buy online homemade cookies. For those people who choose to bake their own cookies, almost all of them will have a different recipe that they swear produces the perfect batch of cookies. However, all of these zealots will have a few things in common.

A true purist and connoisseur of the chocolate chip cookie will insist that it be made with butter and not margarine, causing the body of the cookie to be both crisp on the edges and soft and chewy in the center. They will also insist on making the dough from scratch and not using a purchased, mass produced store bought dough product. These purists may vary on amount of cook time or the size the cookies should be.

Of course, there are many cookie aficionados who have perfected the art of the standard cookie and want to add some variety and excitement to their recipes. One great way to do this is to add some butterscotch and peanut butter pieces in with the dough. The caramel and butterscotch flavors will perfectly compliment each other while also introducing new aspects of the original flavors. You can also place a larger nougat of caramel or peanut butter in the center of the formed cookie dough which, when baked, will melt and spread and create a delicious center of flavor.

You can also experiment with different flavors of the original chocolate chips. You can use white chocolate chips or milk chocolate or dark chocolate or semi sweet chocolate. Another creative add in is with dried fruits and nuts. Cranberries are a great choice, especially when combined with a little orange zest and white chocolate chips; they add a warm, spicy earthiness to the cookie. Another favorite combination is Hawaiian macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips.

Of course, if this all seems like too much work, you can always buy online homemade cookies and still be satisfied. The standard cookie still goes a long way, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment.

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