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A Cookie For Every Occasion

June 2, 2010

Cookies are a versatile gift, one that can bring delicious joy to any occasion. They are exciting, and there is no wrong time to give them. Birthdays, holidays, happy or sad occasions—even without a reason, dessert gifts will brighten the lives of your loved ones.

Their magic lies in their versatility and universal appeal. Everyone likes some kind, and they are always an appropriate gift. No Valentine’s Day would be complete without an iced, heart-shaped treat. For more formal occasions, a whole array of fancier treats will delight your loved ones while keeping in step with the occasion. Birthdays, holidays, graduations, weddings—these treats will speak your message and give your friends and family a delicious way to know you care.

Dessert gifts can also make a dashing appearance at a dinner party. It can be a refreshing change of pace from a bottle of wine and brings variety to the after-dinner fare. Your friends and neighbors will all be able to share in these delightful treats as a group, the way they are intended to be enjoyed.

They even make a great gift for a business associate. Caring yet still professional, an edible gift can show your associates you regard them while staying within the bounds of your work relationship. Bring them to a meeting and give everyone something to make work more enjoyable.

They can also the perfect way to say thank you. When a card alone just will not do, give them a treat they will enjoy makes any thanks taste sweeter. What better way to show your appreciation than to give them something that will bring them joy bite after bite; especially an array of cookies.

Perhaps the best occasion is no occasion at all. When you just want to show someone you care, give them a gift that shows you know them. Each kind has its appeal–oatmeal raisin for the more health conscious or biscotti for your coffee drinkers. Snickerdoodles to bring out the kid inside them and take them back to a simpler time when school hours were passed daydreaming about a tasty snack.

A dessert gift is wonderful to receive, a promise of a tasty snack for days to come. For every kind of cookie you can name, there is another kind you have never heard of. For every kind you love, there is another you have yet to try. From chocolate chip to macaroon, these tasty treats make the perfect gift for any occasion. Your loved one gets a delicious treat that gives that warm feeling for days, even weeks. Every bite will remind them of you and bring joy to their lives.

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