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Cookies: Versatile Desserts in Every Shape and Form

June 2, 2010

Cookies are the perfect dessert, appropriate any time of the year. They can be enjoyed with hot chocolate by the fireplace on a cold winter day or with some lemonade or iced coffee on a warm summer day during a picnic or garden party. Cookies come in so many shapes, flavors and forms, easily making this versatile dessert a perfect, original gift.

Cookie baskets are a great dessert gift since they can be spiced up with a variety of things. The first step is to decide on the cookies- whether you will buy some gourmet ready made cookies, or some plain cookies such as those with macadamias or chocolate chips. Another option is to make them yourself. That way, you can really use your imagination by altering their ingredients, sizes, shapes, etc. You can roll the dough into balls to make snowballs covered in powdered sugar, or make them flat and crispy, or use cookie cutters to make funky shapes, especially appealing to the kids. Once you decide on the type of cookies to use, it is important to invest in the “packaging.” When it comes to gifts, the way a gift is wrapped is as important as the gift itself. Get some nice baggies for the cookies, which are colorful, thin-foil bags, tied with ribbons, as well as additional ribbons, tissue paper, and a basket. When making a cookie basket, it helps including something, such as extras that go along with the season, for example, a bottle of eggnog in the winter, or a bottle of lemonade or champagne, if appropriate, in the spring or summer. Dessert gifts are great because the same contents can be used for various occasions, simply by changing the packaging and the additional gift items.

Cookie baskets are a good idea when going for a picnic or a party. They also work for simple get-togethers with family or friends, whether at home, in the park, or even in the city. Cookies are a dessert most find hard to resist, and one which everyone knows and enjoys. Dessert gifts can end up looking really beautiful, and turn out to be a real hit, sometimes even a centerpiece, at their destination.

Dessert gifts, especially cookie baskets, work almost anytime and anywhere, both in casual and business environments. They can be a thank-you to someone at work, or a gift to the host of the party. They are also perfect for picnics, get-togethers, or simply enjoyed at home with loved ones. Cookies are season round desserts, perfect for any occasion, and cookie baskets help to present them in a way other than your typical supermarkets’ store cookie packaging.

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