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Creating the Perfect Gift Basket

June 2, 2010

A gift basket is one of the best holiday gifts, which can be given to almost anyone: a friend, a co-worker, a distant family member, or as a thank-you. It is easy to make, can look extremely fancy or expensive while being inexpensive, and always looks better than just a box of cookies.

The perfect gift basket can be created by adjusting it to the current season or holiday. For example, if this is a basket for Easter, you could get a pastel colored basket, and extras such as plastic eggs, bunnies, and season appropriate sweets such as Peeps or caramel eggs to ensure that the basket goes with the season. Same thing with Christmas: the colors of the basket should have some warm, colors such as green, red, or even brown or orange, with extras such as a hot chocolate mix, perhaps an ornament, some candy canes, ginger cookies, maybe even a small Santa Clause figure or plush. When creating holiday baskets, it is important to come up with a list of the contents. Do you want to focus on dessert? Try to get cookies in a variety of sizes wrapped in colorful baggies or tissue paper tied with ribbon, or gourmet store bought cookies in holiday appropriate packaging, as well as other sweets, such as chocolate, candy, candy canes, cinnamon buns, etc. If you’d rather focus on something other than dessert, good ideas include pasta, pasta sauces in glass bottles, drinks: alcoholic such as wine or champagne, or non-alcoholic such as eggnog or cranberry juice, fruit, dried fruit, even a box of tea or jar of coffee.

When you have the contents, the next step is the arrangement and packaging. Do you want a picnic basket, or a centerpiece basket? Do you want to add some decoration such as flowers, leaves, mistletoe, holly, or pine branches? In the springtime, you can get the fake Easter basket grass to decorate the inside. Visit a few stores, come up with a few ideas, and see what works best. All packaging of the baskets should be consistent, so, if you are creating a winter holiday basket using gold and red packaging, keep all the packaging gold and red, maybe in a dark green or brown colored basket. That way, nothing will seem out of place.

The ideas for gift baskets in the form of holiday gifts are endless. You can buy such ready made baskets online or in stores, but it is always better to make them yourself. That way, you can be really creative and make the basket appropriate for the person you are giving it to as well as the season or holiday.

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