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Surprises that Don’t Last Long Are Often the Best Ones

June 2, 2010

Everyone loves surprises. Surprises are great for those who are behind it, the givers, bringing along with it a sense of adrenaline and excitement which accompanies the final reaction of those being surprised. They are also great for those who are the receivers, since they are a pleasant and overall good feeling. The best surprises are often those that don’t last long, such as edible gifts.

Picture this situation: a close friend or family member is hosting a holiday party at his or her house. All of the guests bring wrapped gifts, usually of the same form, either a bottle of alcohol, a box of holiday cookies or chocolates, or some other unnecessary item which can be the result of re-gifting or simple bad taste. And then, surprise, someone comes in with a beautiful edible gift basket, creating a huge act of surprise and joy on both the hosts’ and the guests’ faces, making that person the awesome gift giver, who in fact, did not break the bank to fulfill that surprise. That person could easily be you.

Edible gift baskets are perfect gifts anytime of the year, since they can be made with a variety of season appropriate items, such as holiday cookies, holiday chocolates, alcohol, non-alcoholic drinks, candy, drink mixes such as hot chocolate, tea, or coffee, as well as other items such as eggnog, pasta sauce, cakes, marzipan, and fruit. The ideas are endless, and it helps to make the gift baskets appropriate for the time of the year as well as the guest, depending on how well you know that guest. An edible gift basket can end up being a great center piece at a family gathering, definitely noticed and adored, especially when hand-made. It is a good way to buy someone something when in doubt, as what to buy them as a holiday gift, since the items inside the basket are practical, edible, and most likely won’t go to waste. Edible gift baskets are great surprises, reminding those who received them of the person who made and gifted them. The surprise and pleasure last while the basket lasts. Once the basket is gone, you will always have the memory of the joy you created with that simple gift.

Food baskets work great as gifts once the holidays come along, whether as a gift to someone at work, or to a family member or friend. The content and packaging of the basket can be quite costly, but they can end up costing less than a different gift, which would not have been enjoyed as much as this edible gift basket, but the surprise and joy they bring are priceless.

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