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4 Great Treats For Any Occasion

July 12, 2010

Are you looking for more than just the normal party sweets? To the many people that get told to buy cookies, why not try something more original among your expected guests?

Homemade cupcakes are a great addition to spruce up the dessert table. They offer versatility in using a variety of mixes to show off your own distinct flare. Another great convenience is the prep and cook times involved in the process. Extremely fast and easy to make, in under 20 minutes, these party sweets will be a hit among the crowd.

If you are looking to tame the younger crowd or those who dread drinking a cup of java, look no further than hot chocolate. The great thing about using this to supplement one of the many other treats offered is the fact it goes down great with any baked good. Depending on your time commitments, you may just want to go with a high quality store bought brand or concoct your own creative version. There are countless recipes offered online that will add to the sweet tooth’s desire.

A piñata filled with a variety of store bought candies may seem trivial for older audiences but you would be surprised at how much fun you will have knocking that paper creation around. It adds the subtle hint of being a kid once more and fits any occasion.

Pudding is one of those hidden gems you don’t see very often on the tables of many parties. The choice of baked goods over something liquid seems to be the trend. However, like cupcakes, you have a wide level of choices in bases to make your pudding from, giving each one its own unique taste.

Who said eating sweets couldn’t be healthy? For all of you out there looking to watch your weight and health, a big bowl of fruit salad can be a fruit lover’s dream. Try to refrain from buying canned fruit, as they are sitting in syrup instead of the natural juice of the fruit itself. Lastly, go for a wide variety over choosing only a few fruits. Again, if you are time pressed, go pick up one of those fruit salad bowls from your local grocery store.

What person doesn’t like the taste of chocolate? This may not sound all that appealing but just a few bowls of different chocolates can get the job done. Now, if you are willing to spend the extra cash, some specialty stores offer theme shaped chocolate figurines.

Be creative and unique with your party sweets when planning for that occasion. Having said that, sometimes one can’t help the urge to buy cookies online and send gifts to friends and family.

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