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Great Extras That Can Be Added To Cookies For Taste

July 12, 2010

Summer is in full swing now and that means moms across the country will be baking delicious desserts for their families. Many will search cookies online hoping to add scrumptious cookie extras to spice up their recipes. Here are a few ideas that are sure to keep the family happy well into the winter months.

A new way to spice up an old recipe, literally, is to add some fresh grated spices to your cookie batter and fresh out of the oven cookies. A micrograter, which can be found when searching cookies online, allows you to grate fresh spices into your batter which will give you a much stronger flavor than off the shelf spices. Cinnamon will sweeten and spice up traditional chocolate chip and sugar cookies. You can be liberal with the amount you add to the batter, then fresh grate again on out-of-the-oven cookies. Nutmeg also works well to add depth and zest to your sweat treats.

Ask any young child to identify the lively sound accompanied by the neighborhood ice cream truck and they are sure to get excited. A fun way to ring in the summer is to make homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches. The recipe is simple, delicious and sure to keep the kids busy. Start by baking your favorite recipe, adding any cookie extras that are sure to delight. While your cookies are baking, take a gallon container of your favorite ice cream out of the freezer to soften. Once your batch has cooled and set, spread the now soft ice cream on to the bottom side of a cookie. Make sure to use enough ice cream so that when you add the cookie on top and give it a good firm squeeze, a bit of the filling comes out. Then store it in the freezer for a cool treat on a hot summer day.

Believe it or not, scent has taste and a new trend in baking is to add scents and flavor profiles, such as lavender or rosemary, to sweets like shortbreads and cookies. Freshly chopped flowers and herbs added to the batter help to add a subtle but savory sweetness. Small amounts can go a long way, add one tablespoon of your favorite ingredient to one batch of cookies or shortbreads. Afternoon tea will never be the same once you serve these fragrant and complex treats.

Get the family together this weekend to enjoy some of these great recipes and be sure to include them when trying to think of other cookie extras for summer.

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