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The Best Cookies For A Wedding

July 12, 2010

Sweets, tradition, family and celebration are the essentials of a wedding. The sugary pastries symbolize the sweet life to follow. So it stands to reason, the more sweets the better the life, and of course the happier the guests. Beside the tiered cake, consider the cookie as a handy and traditional choice for nibbling. Take, for example, the French wedding cake, the croquembouche, a cake made of cookies glued together with candied sugar. Families in and around Pittsburgh celebrate with designated cookie tables that flaunt dozens of different cookies from their Italian and Eastern European heritage. The wedding cookies are so much prized, that mothers and grandmothers begin baking weeks beforehand to ensure a generous selection. In this busy, fast paced world, you can spare your grandmothers and opt to easily purchase a selection of delicious wedding desserts online.

Cookies are a perfect dessert in a bite, always leaving room for one more. They come in all shapes and flavors and each individual has their own sentimental favorite. The Mexican and Italian wedding cookies are named especially for the event. Cookie tables favor the wafer-thin pizzelle and cream-filled lady locks. Many cultures have their own traditional wedding cookie; perhaps choosing cookies from your heritage or personal history would be the perfect way to celebrate old family memories and the start of new ones. A classic American choice might be the iced sugar cookie. Choose the cut-out shape, dough flavoring, and the icing decorations. With the ability to match wedding colors and add monograms, icing design can be as meticulously crafted as your wedding. The iced cookie makes a chic favor for your guests and sweet treat to remember the event by.

The best wedding cookies are the cookies that look beautiful and taste delicious. Here are a few tips to consider. Cookies can be elegant and clean or messy with filling and powdered sugar. Do you want that gooey, sentimental wedding or clean, crisp, and snappy feel? Stylish white cookies top off a formal occasion; heart-shaped, raspberry lizners pair with the peonies. You may want to consider any cookies your guests would especially look forward to. After the trials of selecting the perfect cookies, ordering the wedding desserts online makes the rest of the process a snap. Cookie favors are as different as wedding plans, so it’s an excellent addition to help personalize your wedding. And the cookies will be snuck into bags and smuggled away by the end of the party, so there is no worry about throwing the extras away.

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