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Three Tips For Sending A Cookie Gift Basket

July 12, 2010

Sending a cookie gift basket for a friend or family member has never been easier with companies that offer online cookies. Choosing the perfect one is more than just about picking out a favorite flavor, however. Here are three tips for sending a cookie basket that will be sure to put a smile on a sweet-toothed recipient’s face.

Read the Guarantees and Reviews

Check the website for guarantees and reviews about their online cookies. Factors to take into consideration include how fresh the product it is, how it is packed and sealed to ensure it stays that way and how fast it is delivered. Look into any customer testimonials on how they actually arrive and taste. If you need a specialized order or need your present to be delivered on a specific date, it is better to contact the company a few weeks in advance to make certain it all happens as planned.

Ask About Any Allergies

Every recipe is different in some ways, including those for online cookies. When in doubt, contact the customer service representatives and inquire about certain ingredients. You can never be too safe when it comes to food allergies or medical dietary restrictions. Some companies offer products tailored towards diabetics, gluten-free diets and vegetarian or vegan patrons. For example, many recipes call for dairy additions or animal byproducts. In order to ensure that you are not sending your animal rights friend a dessert they will not eat, you need to specifically ask if any of these ingredients are used to create the product.

Include Extras

After getting the business side of sending a cookie gift basket out of the way, it’s time to personalize your present. Pick out a card or tag and write a personal message to the recipient. Ask about including additional theme presents along with the online cookies. Examples include stuffed animals holding the canister of sweets or a bouquet of flowers to add color and pizzazz. Inquire about extra food products as well such as other desserts, sweets or even something salty like pretzels. Other options include having a gift certificate for more treats thrown in or a monthly recurring order of different favorite online cookies to be delivered to your sweet-toothed loved one throughout the year. For example, have snowman coconuts sent in December and heart shaped treats sent in February.

Though other personal factors may have to be taken into consideration, these three tips for sending a cookie basket should help you choose the perfect present for your friend or family member. Tailor everything to fit the personality and lifestyle of the recipient and never hesitate to contact a customer service representative with any questions about online cookies.

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