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Two Unique Cookie Types And What Goes Into Them

July 12, 2010

Everyone has fond memories of cookies. They are a comforting food in a way that no other food can be comforting. They remind us of childhood. They remind us of lunches packed in brown paper bags with sandwiches slightly soggy and carrot sticks nearly dried out. But we would always look forward to that finishing treat, the cookie. There were many instances, which we all can recall, where we dumped the rest of the packed lunch in the nearest garbage can and ate only the cookie. Of course, there are many different types of unique cookies that are specific to each person’s memories of his or her childhood. You can find many recipes for cookies online.

While the chocolate chip cookie and the oatmeal cookie are classic standards in the world of cookie connoisseurs, one other favorite may be a little different. It is a shortbread and cranberry cookie. The best kind of shortbread is made with real butter, not margarine or other oil based shortenings. Using real cream based butter makes the texture of the cookie crisp and flaky when it bakes, which is exactly the consistency of shortbread which is desired. Using margarine will make the shortbread soggy and rubbery.

To the softened butter you would add flower and sugar and a splash of vanilla as well as the dried cranberries. Then, using a small cookie scoop, scoop the rounded cookies onto a greased cookie sheet. They bake quickly and at a high temperature. Because there is no baking soda or baking powder, they do not rise and remain about the size of a golf ball. They also don’t take long to cool and the combination of flaky, crispy shortbread and sweet and tart cranberries is a perfect medley of flavors.

Another of the favorite, unique cookies is the carrot cake cookie. In a time when diabetes and other weight related diseases are frighteningly rampant, many people are concerned with eating and living healthier. The carrot cake cookie is a great low sugar, low fat, high fiber option to other sugary snacks and treats. It’s essentially a compacted carrot cake. It is made using grated carrots, brown sugar, flour and butter. To make it a little more exciting, you can add raisins or nuts if desired. One of the things to do, which incidentally might cancel out the healthy factor, is to eat the warm carrot cake cookies with a small glass of chilled pumpkin spice liqueur. If this sounds like too much effort, you can always buy your cookies online to save yourself the time.

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