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Two Ways To Help Make Cookies A Healthier Snack

July 12, 2010

Dessert is one of the most popular meals of the day — and the most dangerous when not done in moderation. Whether it’s sugary, gooey or loaded with butter, it is important to realize that over-consumption can be hazardous to one’s health. Many people tend think that there is no such thing as a cake, cookie or pie that is good for you. Kids especially frown at the idea of having whole fruit forced on them as an alternative or having to pass up sweet treats altogether. What many do not realize is that there are many ways for kids and others to enjoy things like healthy cookies, and getting online cookies can help.

One way is to reduce or eliminate the white or refined sugar used to make this kind of food. Alternatives such as honey or molasses, preferably in its raw form, contain a form of refined sugar but do not deplete the body of minerals in the same fashion as the white stuff. Refined sugar has been linked to diabetes, obesity, suppression of the immune system and many other serious illnesses when not consumed carefully. Or if a person is looking to eliminate sugar altogether, unsweetened fruit juice is an excellent substitute as it can provide the body with vitamins and other nutrients. Popular choices for baking are apple, pineapple or white grape juice due to its natural sweetness and low pulp content. If a person were to get online cookies that are sweetened with fruit juice, they can also find the organic variety as well.

Another easy way to enjoy healthy cookies is to eliminate extras. Sandwich style or filled cookies are just as good when the filling is removed. The same goes for frosted or any cookies covered in extra sugar. If baking cookies at home, applesauce is an excellent replacement for sugar and oil as far as reducing saturated fat, calories and cholesterol content. Also, using egg whites instead of the yolk will make a difference as well. Finally, if you use any type of oil, there is no need to add butter to cookie batter.

If a person wants to enjoy the dessert without the typical bland taste of most healthy cookies found in most stores, they can search the web for many varieties. Gluten-free, no trans-fat oils, fruit-sweetened, manufactured sugar alternatives or dairy-free versions of cookies and other treats can be found online with many reputable merchants. Getting online cookies may seem unusual at first. It may even take time to find the right snack to kill that annoying sugar craving, but the results make it worth the time and research in the long run.

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