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Gourmet Dog Cookies Are All The Rage

July 31, 2010

Carob dots, brownies, honey kisses, and peanut butter long johns are on display at a famous bakery. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, it is good for your dog. These are some of the cookies made at one canine bakery. Baked cookies made just for your dog are all the rage.

Most bakeries for dogs were started after the tainted dog food scare of a few years ago. This triggered a demand for safe, healthy food for pets. Many local dog bakeries opened up to meet that demand and offered dog biscuits or cookies and eventually offered cakes and other gourmet treats.

Most gourmet cookies are made of whole ingredients such as peanut butter, cheese, honey, carrots and oatmeal. Wheat flour, chemicals and refined sugar are not added into the mix. The focus is not just on nutrition but on making the baked cookies taste good to your dog.

These kinds of gourmet treats may be marked natural, organic or holistic. Natural means that the use of processed food is minimized. Organic means that the foods in the treats were raised with no pesticides. Holistic foods take nutrition to the next level by using only foods that add good nutrition to your dog’s diet.

Gourmet cookies are a fun indulgence for your dog but they can also serve a purpose. You can order up cookies that help your dog avoid foods they are allergic to or treats that help to lessen bad breath. There are low-calorie cookies, crunchy treats to help with dental hygiene and cookies with herbs to relax your dog.

For the holidays, baked cookies for your pooch are more popular than they ever have been. In fact, the best sales month for pet treats is December. Many owners now put a little something under the tree for their dog and cookies are a popular choice. Many bakeries sell limited-time holiday cookies decorated like candy canes, hearts, pumpkins and flags. You can even get a birthday cake or birthday cookie to celebrate your pet’s special day.

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan then you can get baked cookies for your dog that adheres to your eating philosophy. With ingredients like sweet potatoes, quinoa, cranberries and apples, there is sure to be a variety your dog will like.

There is a definite movement away from the dog biscuits on the store shelf that have mystery ingredients to dog treats that not only avoid harmful ingredients but add good nutrition, herbal remedies and better taste to your dog’s diet. For people who see their dogs as a part of their family they want to choose food as carefully for their dogs as they would for their children.

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