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How Cookie Baskets Make Excellent Corporate Gifts

July 31, 2010

When shopping for a corporate gift, choosing the right present is crucial. Spend too much and it can be considered inappropriate; spend too little and you might opt for something your boss or coworkers would never use or want. Fortunately, there is a gift that just about anyone would love, from CEOs to secretaries and everyone in between – cookie baskets. Cookie baskets make excellent corporate gifts because not only are you giving the one universal treat everyone loves – cookies – you’re also giving an attractively arranged basket that will include a card with your personalized message inside.

Not sure where to find corporate cookie baskets? It’s easy. You can always do a search on a search engine to locate a company that will ship the basket to your recipient, or you can find a bakery in your city that offers baskets and have them deliver it, or better yet, deliver it yourself.

If you don’t know your gift recipient well, it’s a great idea to choose a basket that offers a variety of different cookies. This will ensure that they’re happy with their basket, and if any of the flavors aren’t to their liking, any coworkers milling around will be more than happy to take them off of their hands. Chocolate chip cookies are always a hit, but you really can’t go wrong with simple sugar cookies either. From peanut butter to oatmeal raisin, your gift recipients will have a wonderful time deciding which flavor is their favorite, and you just might be their favorite co-worker after sending this delicious gift, too.

When choosing cookie baskets for corporate gifts, you can opt to send cookies two different ways – decorated and undecorated. Decorated cookies will normally be sugar cookies, but you can specify that when you order. If you’re doing a themed-basket, decorated cookies look particularly sweet when sending ‘thank you,’ congratulations, ‘thinking of you,’ or holiday-themed baskets to coworkers, office staff, your boss, or other company heads.

Your basket will be arranged beautifully, and it will be made to look like flowers, so they’ll be an eye-catching addition to any desk, boardroom, or corporate function. Cookie baskets make excellent corporate gifts because they will add a little brightness to any workday, and they’re sure to bring a smile to your gift recipient’s face.

Cookie baskets also make attractive centerpieces for holiday office parties. Your guests will have a great time ‘picking’ cookies to eat off the blooming baskets you have placed around the office.

No matter what the corporate occasion is, or who your corporate recipient is, you can count on cookie baskets to hit a gift home run in both taste and beauty.

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