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How Cookie Cakes Can Make Birthday Parties Special

July 31, 2010

Nothing celebrates a birthday like birthday parties and a good, old-fashioned birthday cake, with the candles, tons of frosting and “Happy Birthday, YOUR NAME HERE” in the center — maybe throw in a few flowers and stand-up figures for the kids. But what could be more boring? How about trying something different: cookie cakes?

If you have grade school-age children, then you probably attend at least one or two, maybe more, birthday parties a month, each with the standard birthday cake. And you could swear that you had that same birthday cake a month ago.

The cookie cake is an interesting, clever and yummy approach to the usual birthday cake and will be an instant and guaranteed hit at your kids’ (or grown-ups’) birthday parties. Not only is it a unique approach, but it’s also cost-effective. No more dumping a whole half-sheet of uneaten cake into the trash. Once the cake is cut and not eaten, into the garbage it goes. Cookie cakes offer a different solution to left-overs: Put the rest in a plastic zipper bag for a midnight snack or after-school milk and cookies the next day.

But what does a cookie cake look like? Think of a regular cookie that you grab out of a bag. Then, enlarge it so that it’s the size of a medium or large pizza. Cookie cakes are, essentially, giant cookies. But, because of their sheer size, they make for great cake-alternatives when you want to try something different at birthday parties, get-togethers, even just as your everyday dessert.

Like traditional cakes, you can also have them decorated for special occasions. Typically, cookie cakes are not covered with icing — the sugar-overload would make any sweet-tooth cringe. Instead, icing is used for borders, writing and an occasional embellishment. But cookie cake-bakers will decorate according to your specifications — whether they include a lot of icing or no icing — it’s up to you.

Just like your standard cookie, cookie cakes are baked in different varieties — from your tried-and-true chocolate chip to macadamia nut, peanut butter or shortbread. Your favorite kind of cookie can be made into a cookie cake.

Another great thing about a cookie cake is that it’s easy to transport. Because they are about the size of a pizza, depending on what size you order, it’s about as heavy as one — maybe a little lighter. And, because it’s flat, you don’t have to worry about crushing it or damaging any decorations.

Are you or someone you know throwing a party soon? Why not order a cookie cake? Your guests will love the welcome change and will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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