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How To Find The Best Gourmet Cookies Online

July 31, 2010

Giving a gift of gourmet cookies is a unique way to celebrate a special occasion. If that special someone lives far away from you, a great way to send your greetings is by ordering gourmet cookies online. Delightful online cookies are also a good last minute gift idea when you just don’t have the time to go shopping in stores.

There are some things to consider when you are looking for the best gourmet cookies online. Certainly, you want the cookies to be at their freshest when they are opened, so choose a baker who delivers their gourmet cookies in a timely manner.

You also want cookies made from the best ingredients such as fresh eggs, butter and pure vanilla extract. The artificial ingredients that are in grocery store cookies are good for increasing shelf life but take away from the true gourmet taste and texture.

Since you’re sending a gift of a gourmet cookie arrangement or basket, you should be able to customize the cookies with special words written in frosting. In addition, a basket filled with other gourmet goods like exotic coffees and candy add delight to your gift. If possible, include a non food item like a personalized mug so that the recipient has something to cherish when the cookies are gone.

If you are thinking of sending someone a gift of gourmet cookies online just to celebrate a milestone at work, or a promotion, a stunning bouquet of gourmet cookies is a great way to say “You did it!” Arrange for the bouquet to be at work or home and share a delicious celebration with a coworker or loved one. Special brief quotes about the accomplishment can easily be written on the accompanying card or on the cookies!

Is a far away friend or family member having a rough time or feeling down? One of the simplest ways to show your support when you can’t be there is by sending a thoughtful gift. Find an online bakery that sells and ships gourmet cookies in your loved one’s favorite flavor or with their favorite candy. Have this “virtual hug” scheduled to arrive at a specific time and put a note in the gift that tells them to call you as soon as they receive it. This way, you can hear the rush of happiness when they see how much you care, even when you can’t be there.

Are you looking for a way to express your feelings to someone but a card just won’t do? With so many choices, it’s easy to figure out how to order gourmet cookies online. You don’t have to worry about not finding that special gift or fight crowds.

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