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Independent Bakers Having Trouble In A Down Economy

July 31, 2010

Several industries have been affected by the fiscal crisis. With no end in sight, business growth and the economy continue to plummet. One industry that has been severely impacted is baking. From coast to coast, independent bakers are facing heavy losses. While some have closed shops, others have to contend with commercial confectioners. The economic situation has not helped either. It has led many bakers to pursue other endeavors. This includes new business, employment and continuing education. A great deal of bakers is searching colleges for MBA degrees. While this is a far cry from cookie gifts and baskets, it is a great way to cultivate new possibilities.

In addition to loss of revenue, independent bakers are also losing customers. Due to the decline in sales, several bakers have had to raise prices. This is the only way for them to remain competitive. It, however, has driven many long time customers away. Most customers rely on neighborhood baking stores. From birthdays to holidays, it’s a convenient way to pick up their favorite items. As a result of price hikes, customers are now going to competitors. Since prices are the same, they are opting to buy brand name pastries and cakes. Baked goods will always be in demand. From cookie gifts to fresh bread, bakeries have to meet consumer demand. Despite the economic downturn, some independent bakers still have a loyal customer base.

As major brands dominate the market, independent bakers are struggling to survive. Some bakeries have even recruited advertising agencies. While a bit costly, they hope to rejuvenate sales and market appeal. From print to visual ads, bakers are trying to counter the economic situation. While some have been successful, other stores still remain dormant. Bakers have a long and storied history. With years of experience, the trade has been passed down from generations. Even during the formation of our country, bakers played a pivotal role. From New York City to Boston, you can still find bakeries at almost any corner.

Several bakers are looking to enhance their education. By attending colleges for MBA degrees, they can elevate their business knowledge. It also allows them to have something to fall back on. Some bakers are even pursuing degrees to secure executive positions. Some of these positions are in baking firms, while others are non-related. No matter the chosen field, MBA degrees can counter economic turbulence with lasting results. From night school to online classes, you can receive a Master’s degree at your convenience. All it takes is some hard work to achieve your goals. Attaining a degree offers hope in this unpredictable economy.

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