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Ordering Cookies Online – A Growing Industry

July 31, 2010

The Internet has revolutionized everything we do. Bills are paid online, clothing is ordered online, and you can even meet the love of your life online if the stars align. There is virtually nothing you cannot do online. One thing that has often been a taboo in the online ordering industry is cookies. People have always enjoyed baking cookies but have seldom enjoyed ordering them for an online vendor. However, things are changing rapidly in the cookie business.

The reason for not ordering cookies online in the past is that there have been issues with freshness. This makes sense, as you might order three dozen cookies only to find out that those cookies take 10 days to arrive and were not shipped in the proper packing materials leaving you with three dozen stales cookies. This was a routine experience, which of course left people deciding against using those cookies.

However, shipping practices have changed in two ways. For one, they have gotten much quicker. Many cookie retailers online have made the decision to allow for well priced rush shipment so that the cookies can be received in only a few days and will have a better chance of staying fresh. They have also changed the way they are shipped. Cookies are often now packed in dry ice or made sure to be kept in temperature sensitive areas so that you wouldn’t worry about cookies being damaged. This is often the case when cookies are left in heavy heat. The cookies begin to run and fold unto themselves. This becomes a huge problem and ruins the quality and consistency of the cookies.

Another way the business of online cookies has grown is that many of your favorite cookies have now become available online. In the past, you were just dealing with young and unproven people baking cookies out of their homes. This is no longer the case. With the explosion of the Internet as a marketplace there is virtually every retailer of cookies on the internet. This means that not only can you get some of the amazing store bought or mall bought brands but you often have a chance to buy in bulk and receive a discount on your order. This is great if you are looking to stock up on cookies in a particular brand.

This is also great for the regional or neighborhood baked goods shop. If life means you have to move away and no longer have ease of access to your favorite local chocolate chip cookies, ordering online in most cases is now an option. Internet ordering is big time and ordering premium cookies is a big part these days.

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