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Comparing The Costs Of Cookies Online

August 17, 2010

Cookies are a nice, inexpensive way to enjoy desert. Baking cookies can be a time consuming and messy project. Fortunately, the Internet has connected cookie lovers everywhere with providers who bake cookies for profit. As with any Internet purchase, buying cookies online is an exercise in caution. Online cookie costs can vary greatly from provider to provider. One must take into consideration the freshness of the cookies, the reputation of the provider and any incidental costs associated with purchasing cookies online.

The number one consideration when buying cookies online is the quality of the product. Though many bakeries use chemical agents to add time to the shelf life of the cookies they produce, there are some companies that do not. The companies that do not use chemical preservatives use natural preservatives that will extend the shelf life but not as much as the chemical alternatives. Companies can estimate the date when the cookies will be past optimal freshness and taste. This expiration date will usually be printed prominently on the packaging.

The reputation of the bakery will determine a lot about the online cookie costs. Nationally known cookie producers have established themselves through millions of dollars of marketing. The price of the cookies is generally increased due to the company’s need to cover the costs of the advertising. Because of this, national brands risk a significant amount of money with every batch of cookies produced. This risk is spread thin because of the amount of people the company can count on to purchase their product. Smaller, less well know brands have more to lose by dissatisfying multiple customers. Quality control in both instances is tight. For the large company, national embarrassment can easily negate the millions of dollars in advertising and product branding. For smaller companies, losing many customers simultaneously can have a negative effect on profits. Generally reputable companies have guidelines and standards to ensure their product is as the customer expects.

The true cost of cookies purchased online is determined by the cost per cookie. To ascertain this amount, divide the price of the package by the number of cookies per package. When shopping multiple sites, knowing the price per cookie will help develop an accurate comparison. Another component of overall price to take into consideration is the cost to ship the cookies from the distribution site. If the shipping price is exorbitant, there is less incentive to purchase, even if the price per cookie is lowest. Additional savings can come from using rewards credit cards and cash back or rebate websites to receive a percentage of the money spent in the form of a credit.

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