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How Cookie Cakes Are Growing In Popularity

August 17, 2010

Few things in life can bring a smile to someone’s face like a cookie. And the bigger the cookie is, the bigger the smile becomes. This is why cookie cakes are quickly growing in popularity. From birthday parties to special events like baby showers and even weddings, cookie cakes made of the most popular cookies are a fun, creative way to bring a treat to the table.

Versatility is one of the greatest things about a cookie cake. It can be as big or as little as you want and can be made into virtually any shape. You can buy special molds to bring your giant cookie to life, or you can even make your own. Some people put their cookies into pans shaped like hearts or stars, while others get really creative and make cartoon characters, or even cookie cakes in the shape of the U.S. of A.

There is no limit to how to make your cookie cake, or even what to make it with. The most popular cookies to make cakes out of are chocolate chip, M&Ms, peanut butter and snicker doodle. The giant Oreo is always a big hit.

Cookie cakes can be easier to bake than traditional cakes because there are usually less steps involved. You don’t need to worry about the cake not rising or collapsing after it does. Most take much less time to bake and all can be easily cut in creative ways for your special event. They can be stacked or layered, iced or frosted, or decorated in any number of ways. Eaten alone or with ice cream, a colorful cookie cake is bound to be the highlight of any party.

Due to the growing popularity of these great desserts, there are more and more recipe books being written that provide helpful tips for making your next cookie cake. But the trick is to let your imagination run wild and have real fun with it. No matter what shape it’s in, a delicious cookie cake will still taste delicious.

Baking cookie cakes can also be a family event. Children enjoy watching the huge cookie being built and then baked. They find a certain novelty in seeing something that is usually so small become so big when it’s done. Their creative little minds can often come up with great ideas on how to shape or design the cake to make it even more special.

The popularity of cookie cakes proves that while it’s good to have a cookie that can fit in your hand, it’s even better to have one that you need help holding. Have fun, get creative, and make your own cookie cake today.

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