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How Cookies Are Shipped To Protect Their Freshness

August 17, 2010

Sometimes the only way to get your favorite treat is to order cookies online. But cooking shipping can be tricky. Cookies have to be shipped so that they don’t end up as a box of crumbs and they should taste fresh when you receive them. Cookie companies have their secrets when it comes to getting you the freshest cookie possible.

Choosing the right recipe is one of the keys to successful cookie shipping. A softer cookie will arrive in better shape than a crisp cookie that may break. Once the cookies are baked they are cooled to room temperature before being packaged for shipping. Cookies that ship well are drop cookies, bar cookies and biscotti. The right container will also protect cookies while they are en route. Cookies should be sealed in airtight tins or wrapped in a protective wrapping and put into a box just big enough so that the cookies can’t slide around. Another method is to vacuum pack the cookies. This has to be done carefully to avoid crushing a soft cookie.

Cookies with chocolate coating or caramel or marshmallow ingredients in them that could melt are often sandwiched between layers of parchment paper or wrapped individually. Many cookie bakeries won’t take orders for cookies online that can melt during hot summer months. Custard cookies or frosted cookies that have dairy products in them may not hold up to the heat and are not usually available for cookie shipping. If the package should be left in the heat and the cookies spoil then it could cause illness.

A sturdy packing box will protect the cookies that you order online. The tins or boxes can be packed into a shipping box and surrounded with packing material so that movement is minimized. The box is sealed and marked as fragile so that the post office or delivery service handles the package more carefully.

Cookie shipping should be done in time for them to be delivered before the weekend. Cookies sitting in a warehouse over the weekend can lose some of their just-baked freshness. One of the best options for shipping when ordering cookies online is overnight or second day shipping so that you get them sooner.

You will want to keep the cookies fresh once they arrive. If they came in a tin keep the lid on tightly. Keep them wrapped up or if the package has been opened then store them in a plastic container or a cookie jar with a snug fitting lid. If the cookies are really delicious you won’t have to worry about storing them because they won’t be around for long.

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