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How Diet Cookies Are Helping People Lose Weight

August 17, 2010

Many years ago, when you heard about diet cookies, they were simply something to make a person forget about sweets while trying to lose weight. Truth is that most of the cookies on the market back then were tasteless, loaded with that bitter saccharin aftertaste than was often associated with sugar-free versions of sodas and other sweet snacks.

Over the years, some improvements were made to diet cookies in order to help a person lose weight. The taste of the sweeteners used in diet cookies was improved, but the texture left something to be desired. Fiber was used to make the cookies’ filling and possibly kill any sweet cravings that might interrupt a sensible diet. But the fiber was gritty and a little rough on the digestive system because it was insoluble.

The old diet cookies also tended to be a little pricey, so very few people were actually able to lose weight. Those who managed to drop a few pounds would gain it back because they only had their appetite suppressed for a short time.

The new cookie diets have truly been improved, with proven, lasting results. For one, they not only taste better, they also have more flavors that are made with natural ingredients like honey, cane sugar, raisins and real chocolate. Chocoholics can feed that craving while losing weight and feeling better.

The new diet cookies also contain soluble fiber that has been shown to promote regularity. In fact, according to one reputable medical source, most adults get less than half the daily recommended amount of fiber needed to have healthy digestive and circulatory systems. Being regular can lead to eating less without starvation or discomfort.

Today’s diet cookies also have up to 40 percent of the essentials daily vitamins and minerals needed to promote a healthy life, as well as soy protein, which helps to build a strong digestive system with its antioxidants, calcium and iron. There is so much nutrition inside one diet cookie, and it still tastes great and helps you to lose weight.

Finally, the one thing that people hate most about dieting is the lack of convenience. Once you get the foods needed in order to lose weight, there’s counting, measuring and meal planning. For many busy people, this can be a hassle. Membership plans require time and dedication, and the mandatory pre-packaged meals are very costly. Next to taste, the best thing about diet cookies is the convenience, and compared to eating a three-course meal, it’s a better value. So even if you’re on a budget, these diet cookies can be eaten anywhere with no fuss, but with all of the long-lasting results that you expect.

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