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How The Right Ingredients Can Make Cookie Baking Easier

August 17, 2010

Baking cookies can be fun and easy if you have the right ingredients. Fresh baked cookies can mean so many positive things in someone’s life—comfort, love, reward, and companionship, just to name a few. The history of cookie baking goes back many years.

In addition to the many family recipes that are shared, there are thousands of cookie recipes in cookbooks all around the world, as well as many more that are floating around the Internet. With so many recipes, finding the best one may be the hardest part. The key to baking cookies with ease is to use the right ingredients from the very start. Follow a recipe’s list of ingredients. Although altering a recipe to your specific taste may be good in some instances, it’s not always the best idea if you want to keep the experience as easy as it can be.

For example, if you’re baking chocolate chip cookies and you would love to add pecans to the recipe, it would probably be alright to do so. However, if you decide to substitute a chocolate bar for semi-sweet chocolate chips, your decision could drastically change the dynamics of the cookie itself. Something to keep in mind is that every ingredient has a specific purpose. Changing even one ingredient can often alter the very delicate balance of the recipe. What should be a delicious cookie may actually turn out to be something closer to a rock or a hockey puck. With the example that was just mentioned, substituting a chocolate bar would simply make the cookies much sweeter than what was originally intended because sugar (a key ingredient) was already added to the mix and scaled to the sweetness ratio of the chocolate chips. Unlike cooking, baking is an exact science. Once you add too much of one thing, you do not usually get the opportunity to go back and add something else to correct the problem.

Read the recipe carefully. A key ingredient or step could get over looked quite easily. Also keep in mind that using a simple recipe does not mean you are sacrificing quality or taste. Using the right ingredients for cookie baking can turn a difficult and unpleasant task into a joyous and rewarding experience. This holds true whether a person is baking cookies for themselves or for someone they care about.

Whatever drives you to bake cookies, the most important thing to keep the experience pleasant is to use the right ingredients. Research your many options, and then pick a recipe that is within your comfort zone. Decide if the ingredients are affordable. Make certain you have the right baking equipment. Keep it simple, and you’ll have fun with it.

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