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How To Know When A Cookie Has Gone Bad

August 17, 2010

Have you ordered cookies online and when they arrived anxiously opened the package and popped one into your mouth only to discover that you were chewing on a stale cookie? That can be a disappointing and frustrating experience. There are a few ways to tell if the cookies you purchased online have gone bad. In this article you’ll learn some of the simple things you should do before you take that first bite.

First, look at the packaging and make sure it is completely sealed. If there are any small tears or holes in the package, there is a good chance that the cookies inside will be stale. Taking the few minutes to examine the packaging will help you avoid the disappointment of biting into a stale cookie. There is always that slight chance that the packaging may get torn during shipping when you order cookies online.

Another way to detect a stale cookie before you bite into it is to take a few seconds to look over the entire contents of the package. Do you see any signs that would indicate the cookies may be stale? Check to be sure there aren’t any insects on the cookies or in the packaging. Look for mold growing on any of the cookies. Check to see if any of the cookies are off-colored. Are some substantially lighter or darker colored? Are there any unusual spots or speckles on the cookies? This could indicate the presence of mold or excess moisture which could cause stale cookies. Feel a cookie and make sure it feels like it should. Is it supposed to be a soft cookie or a crisp cookie? Be sure it feels soft if it should be soft or hard if it should be hard. A stale cookie often feels the opposite of how it is supposed to feel.

Finally, even if everything looks good, take a minute to smell the cookies. A stale cookie often looks just fine but if you smell it you can tell it is not fresh. Stale flour and rancid or stale fats have a unique odor. If the cookies don’t smell fresh, there’s a good chance they aren’t.

If you purchase cookies online from an unfamiliar source, be sure they guarantee their shipments and read reviews from former customers. These steps will help assure that the cookies you receive will be fresh and delicious.

If you do a little homework before you purchase cookies online and then take a few minutes to inspect the cookies when they arrive, you should be able to know those cookies will be fresh before you take that first bite.

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