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Ways To Spot A Bad Online Cookie Retailer

August 17, 2010

Although ordering cookies online is more convenient, not every retailer offering his product may be running an honest business. There are also safety and hygiene issues customers have to watch out for. Learn the ways to spot a bad online cookie retailer to make sure you are buying from the right source.

Complaints about their products and services are warning signs that the retailer offering cookies online may not be running a business the way they should, especially if these complaints have not been resolved. These complaints can range from bad customer service to false advertising to selling and refusing to replace food products that have gone bad.

A business entity that’s selling cookies online should know it’s not just about the money – it’s also about providing a product and service to consumers. A bad online cookie retailer will be in business only with one purpose in mind: to make a profit. And it will show in how they sell their goods and manage their transactions. A lack of concern about the customer’s experience is a bad sign.

If a list of ingredients is not provided this is another bad sign. When it comes to food products, there are labeling requirements that retailers and producers should comply with. On their labels a retailer should be able to show the ingredients, the expiration date and instructions on how to store the product. If there are no expiration dates or ‘best before’ stamps on the product, this is another warning sign. Cookies are food items. Unless they were prepared with preservatives, they may not have a long storage life. A reputable cookie retailer should be able to provide products that are not only fresh but also safe to eat. If there are no indications regarding the product’s production date, it might be safer to buy cookies elsewhere.

Always check the online store’s policy regarding substitutions. If a specific item is unavailable, a reputable online cookie retailer should inform you before processing your order so you can decide whether to get a substitute product or a refund.

The return policy is the retailer’s way to rectify things in case you are dissatisfied with your order. It is also a way to safeguard your rights as a consumer. One of the ways to spot a bad online cookie retailer is the lack of a return policy. This leaves the consumer vulnerable, even if they have sufficient reasons to return the product, such as when the retailer sent the wrong item or if it’s not safe to eat because it’s gone bad or is past its expiration date.

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