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Where To Find The Top Selection Of Dark Chocolate Cookies

August 17, 2010

Cookies are a favorite dessert or snack for adults and children. In addition, many people are drawn to the flavor of chocolate and some people even consider themselves addicted to the robust tantalizing flavor. Dark chocolate has a sophisticated flavor that is especially appealing to those who prefer a chocolate flavor that is a little less sweet than milk chocolate. Therefore, dark chocolate cookies may be one of the most sought after treats. Knowing where to get the top selection of dark chocolate cookies will make it easy to satisfy your own craving or help you get the perfect snack for your favorite chocoholic.

Some independent cookie shops feature several types of dark chocolate cookies that are full of decadent ingredients. Often, chocolate cookies are rich and chewy, bursting with lots of chocolate flavor. Many of these cookies are available in stores and online. Many companies and bakeries ship them throughout the United States and beyond. Some dark chocolate varieties include: Double Fudge cookies, a rich dark chocolate cookie laden with chocolate morsels; Chocolate Raspberry, which combines dark and semi-sweet chocolate with raspberry flavoring; and Triple Chocolate, which combines a delicious dark cocoa and semi-sweet chocolate dough that is studded with white chocolate chunks to create a rich and winning delight.

Some chocolate cookies are sold in shops, malls, and by mail. One top selection flavor is a double chocolate cookie that is chewy and soft with generous amounts of chocolate chips throughout it. Some fundraisers also sell chocolate cookie dough so that you can freshly bake the cookies at home. The cookies and dough can be found in stores and online.

Some candy stores sell chocolate cookies and dark chocolate dipped cookies. Sometimes you can find chocolate dark cookies at concession stands or in cafeterias as well. Often, these are individually packaged or in a single serving bag.

Online and some retail specialty stores carry healthier dark chocolate cookies. One brand features crisp heart-shaped cookies that are individually packaged. These cookies are high in fiber and created in a peanut free environment. Another brand offers Oatmeal Dark Chocolate cookies that are available in some markets and health food stores. They are made with whole grain and contain flax seed, nuts, raisins, sunflower seeds, and dried fruit to give them lots of flavors, texture, and nutrition.

If you are craving dark chocolate cookies, the shelves of your local market, a nearby health food store, or an online search may contain the dark chocolate cookies you are seeking. Whether you want to enjoy a delicious healthier dark chocolate cookie or indulge in a more decadent one, there is a rich dark chocolate cookie that meets your taste.

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