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Checking The Expiration Dates Of Cookies When Buying Online

August 20, 2010

Everyone loves fresh cookies now and then. Most people love fresh home baked cookies, but in today’s hectic world it is hard to find time to bake them. The solution to your cookie craving can be as simple as stopping by at your local bakery and picking up a dozen or so freshly baked cookies. However, even with a bakery close by you may not have the time to even do this to satisfy your cookie fix. An alternative solution is to buy fresh cookies. Buying online cookies is becoming a popular way to shop for them nowadays.

Fresh cookies are a perishable food item and checking the expiration dates of cookies when buying online is important. You will find the production code on packaged cookies that you buy online. This code is required because of the raw food materials that are used.

You may not be able to check for expiration dates before you buy freshly made online cookies. It may not be possible to check until the cookies are delivered to your home. The packages will have the expiration dates. Many fresh cookie sites online only state that their cookies are good for up to seven days once they arrive at your door. This means that checking the expiration dates of cookies when buying online will have to wait until they arrive. Most fresh cookie sites will ship their cookies the same day they are baked so they will be fresh for about a week once you receive them.

Another way of checking the expiration date of cookies when buying online is to email the online cookie site and ask them for the cookie expiration date. If you have already bought packaged cookies online you can check for the expiration date on the bottom of the cookie package when it arrives at your home. If your cookies are not fresh, send them back.

If you are buying fresh baked cookies online you can find cookie catalogs on most sites. They will describe the cookies, their contents and how long they will last. You should factor in the amount of time it takes for mail service to get the cookies to your home to determine the expiration date on fresh baked cookies.

Remember, buying fresh cookies online can be convenient for you. Always take the expiration date into consideration so you don’t end up throwing away bad cookies. The best way to find out a cookies shelf life is to contact the website owner and ask about expiration dates and guaranteed freshness. All packaged cookies will have the expiration date stamped on the package.

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