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New Ways That Cookies Are Becoming Healthier And Staying Tasty

September 14, 2010

Cookies are becoming healthier and staying tastier with the help of nutritional research, continual creativity, and the many new players in the marketplace. Now, when you are looking for healthy cookies you are not confined to your local grocery store or bakery. There are many sources of exceptional cookies online. Cookies get better and healthier all of the time. Healthy cookies are the new tasty treat.

Nutritional research has helped lead to healthier cookie recipes. The dangers of trans fats and the pitfalls of a diet high in fat and sugar are now known. With the wisdom of this nutritional research cookie recipes can be adjusted to be lower in fat, lower in sugar and trans fat free – all without compromising taste or texture. There are new ingredients available and new uses for old ingredients. Grandma used the cookie to sneak in raisins and chocolate chips. Now cookies can sneak in pumpkin, cranberry and many other foods high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. When nutrition doesn’t taste like nutrition it is a lot easier to swallow.

The continual creativity at work in cookie making today has been unheard of in times past. Previous mothers exchanged recipes with their small circle of friends, or garnered recipes from the few major cookbooks that were published. Today people can exchange and discuss recipes with the millions of people online. What was once a gathering of local homemakers is now a message board, blog or other online forum accessed by people from many different places, cultures, occupations and walks of life. This allows a cook to share thoughts, access different ideas and create new and delicious cookies at a rate never known before. Healthy cookies can be more nutritional, delicious and unique than ever before.

When buying cookies the consumer used to have very few choices. There was the cookie aisle in the grocery store or the local bakery. The selection was limited and the nutritional content was marginal at best. Cookies were full of fat, preservatives and a dozen or two ingredients on the label that sounded nothing like food. However, today’s market place is very different. While those same cookies are still available in the grocery aisle; a new way to buy cookies online is emerging. A talented baker who is half a world away can now market the most delicious cookies online. There is no need to stay chained to those unhealthy grocery shelf cookies when the world of healthy cookies online awaits you.

Cookies can be a healthy, nutritious part of your diet, as well as a tasty treat. Shop for your cookies online and find your next favorite weakness.

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