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Signs That An Online Cookie Retailer Is Not Going To Deliver

September 14, 2010

Sending cookies to someone should give the buyer almost as much pleasure as it does the receiver. But there are times when that pleasure diminishes because of a sale gone bad, particularly when the retailer does not deliver what was purchased. When buying cookies online, it’s fair to expect that the order will deliver as expected. On occasion, though, a customer may encounter a bad cookie retailer and an order does not get properly filled.

Clearly, the first sign that an order for cookies online will not be satisfied is if the order simply does not make it to its destination. Cookies are perishables and should be sent and delivered in a timely manner to ensure the freshness of the product.

Before placing an order, there are some signs to look for that might warn of a potentially bad cookie retailer. To make sure that the retailer is reputable, find out if the retailer has a customer service department- with a contact phone number. It’s fine for a retailer to include their street address as well as an e-mail address in the contact information, but if a shipment appears to be lost, then it is imperative that the buyer be able to get in touch with a human being in order to immediately troubleshoot the problem shipment.

Another red flag to look for is if the cookie retailer does not provide a delivery tracking number. If a company does a fair amount of shipping, then they will internally make good use of the tracking numbers and they will want to share that information with their customers. Dependable online cookie retailers readily provide access to an order for cookies placed online.

It’s also important for the buyer to peruse the company’s website to determine if the purchase of cookies online comes with a satisfaction-guaranteed policy. If a company guarantees the products they sell, then it’s a hopeful sign that the buyer has recourse for a lost or incomplete shipment. In addition, while perusing that website, if the buyer notices that the text is poorly written or the site is poorly designed, then it’s a good idea for the buyer to then take the next step toward insuring that they haven’t chosen a bad cookie retailer. The buyer can do a quick Internet search with the keywords of the company to determine if any former customers have had bad experiences.

While not all online cookie ordering experiences are unsatisfactory, it is important for the purchaser to pre-screen potential online cookie companies and to try to recognize the bad cookie retailers so they can prevent delivery mishaps that bring disappointment and frustration.

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