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The Best Ways To Deliver Cookies And Help Them Stay Fresh

September 14, 2010

Cookies can be fragile and are often quick to go stale. They can even acquire a strange taste from improper or insufficient packaging. So, what is the best way to deliver cookies online so that they arrive intact and are fresh tasting? This is important to your success. After all, there is nothing worse than opening a package of online cookies and finding out all you have is stale crumbs instead of fresh cookies.

Cookies come in many shapes, types and sizes. The easiest to ship are bar or sandwich type cookies. You can wrap them individually and then package them together in a sturdy box or tin and they should stay great tasting and unbroken during the delivery process. Soft cookies and crisp cookies should always be packaged separately or you will find that the crisp cookies have become soft. The same is true for mild and strong flavored cookies. If they are packaged together in the same container, the mild cookies will acquire the stronger cookies’ flavor. In either of these cases, you will not end up with quality fresh cookies.

With those basics in mind, let’s consider ways to package your cookies online for great delivery results. It is absolutely essential that your cookies be completely cooled before packaging. This one step can go a long way to ensuring that the cookies will arrive fresh tasting. You want to remove as much air as possible from your packaging. This can be done by vacuum packing them. An added benefit of this type of packaging is that it eliminates the possibility of the cookies shifting during shipping. They cannot bounce around and get bumped when they are vacuum packed. It also removes the possibility of the cookies acquiring unintended tastes.

Whether or not you choose to vacuum pack your online cookies, be certain that they are packaged in such a way that they are protected from crushing or breaking. This can be accomplished by placing the cookies in a sturdy box or tin that is about equal in size to the packaged cookies. Be sure to fill any open space with some sort of filler. Tissue paper or Styrofoam peanuts are some examples of fillers that may be used. Just be certain that your fillers do not come in direct contact with the cookies. If the cookies are not vacuum packed, be certain to wrap them securely in a plastic wrap or a sealed plastic bag to ensure they are protected from the packaging materials.

With a little effort, you can deliver delicious fresh cookies every time you ship your online cookies.

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