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Three Unique Additions For Cookies That Make Them Taste Great

September 14, 2010

Cookies are a favorite treat for kids and adults alike. An easy way to get delicious cookies is to order them online. Online cookies come in traditional flavors like chocolate chip and oatmeal. But some are made with really unique cookie additions. Some companies are known for what they leave out: trans fats, non-organic ingredients, and artificial flavors. Though these might make for better tasting cookies, for now it’s worth looking at what unique ingredients they are putting in cookies that make them so good.

Herbs and spices are not just for savory dishes. Herbed cookies come in many flavors. Lavender sugar cookies, rosemary shortbread, lemon thyme cookies or chocolate mint are just a few of the flavors you can get when you order online cookies. Cookies with spices are nothing new. Cinnamon is a staple in cookie making. But you should try ginger lemon cookies, caraway seed cookies, and chili pepper chocolate cookies. Cookies with cardamom and unusual combinations of sweet with spicy flavors make for a tasty cookie. Other cookies use tea to liven up cookies like Earl Grey or Chai tea.

Antioxidants are not usual cookie additions. But when cacao and acai berries are combined to make a chocolate berry cookie it tastes great. And believe it or not it is good for you. Both ingredients are healthy antioxidants. Other antioxidants that you can find in online cookies are in cookies that might traditionally have raisins like oatmeal cookies. Instead of raisins the antioxidant values are raised with blueberries, cranberries, and prunes. Other nutrition enhancing ingredients are whole grains, organic flour and fruits, and high fiber ingredients. Super foods like flax seed, wheat germ and nuts are added to make them delicious but also to add some extra nutrition.

One of the new trends is to put other snack foods in the cookies. Potato chip cookies are one example. There are also cookies made with chow mien noodles and pretzels. They add a nice crunch and a saltiness that is always good with something sweet. Other snack foods showing up in cookies are candy pieces like chocolate mints, candy-coated chocolate and peanut butter cups. Cereal is one of the unusual cookie additions, from cornflakes to crisped rice and granola. It shouldn’t be too surprising to find cereal in cookies. Oatmeal cookies are a classic example.

No matter which cookies are your favorite it is always possible to find a new favorite especially with so many unique cookies to try. Try some of these great tasting online cookies with unusual additions. You might just take a fancy to a new flavor.

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