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Three Variations On The Typical Chocolate Chip Cookie

September 14, 2010

Variety in chocolate chip cookies is rare; most recipes stick to a simple formula that follows a basic recipe. The typical chocolate chip cookie recipe has the usual mix of ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, and the most important part of the entire package: the chocolate chip. Searching for a recipe for cookies online returns thousands of different recipes, each just a little unique in the measurement of sugar, or butter, but all containing the same chocolate chips. Sometimes, though, the classic chocolate chip cookie won’t do. Trying a variation of the original recipe can renew the simple classic.

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are a dramatic change from the usual recipe that can quickly become a new favorite. Adding peanut butter to the recipe combines the flavor and crumbly texture of a peanut butter cookie with the softness and silkiness of its chocolate chip cousin, giving you a new taste combination to delight the senses. A search for these cookies online will turn up many options for baking up a batch.

Another variation on the original recipe is to simply add chopped nuts to a cookie recipe. Adding different nuts can produce a new and exciting mix to a standard chocolate chip cookie formula. There are many options for nuts; traditional favorites are walnuts, but there are a variety of different nuts that would work when paired with chocolate chip cookies. Almonds and pecans pair very well with the chocolate, and for an exotic twist, macadamia nuts adds flair to the mix.

Changing the type of chocolate chips can switch up the standard chocolate chip cookie recipe. Semi-sweet morsels are the go-to classic choice for cookies, but there are many alternates available to add a change to the cookie line up. Dark chocolate morsels are widely available and can be added instead of the customary semi-sweet that have been used for ages. Other alternates are white chocolate, peanut butter, and butterscotch morsels. Each of these can be substituted in a standard cookie recipe instead of the semi-sweet morsels, or even combined to keep the classic taste but add a burst of originality to the formula.

Chocolate chip cookies are an ageless tradition, with different methods being guarded and passed down for generations. Besides the family recipes, there are many recipes for cookies online that can be adapted to use any of the variations. With all of the new choices that are now available in any local grocery store, the classic chocolate chip cookie can be adjusted and experimented with to entice any palate. New and exciting combinations of ingredients take standard recipes and give them new life.

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