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Ingredients To Look For In Online Cookies And Brownies

September 28, 2010

Online stores offer everything one can think of. From fixtures and furnishings to cookie ingredients, there’s no limit to what you can buy online. Fast shipping options mean that your purchases get to you very quickly, but when it comes to edible treats, there’s nothing worse than waiting only to be disappointed by how the results taste. When ordering brownies and other confectionery from online cookie stores, follow a few safe tips guaranteed to ensure satisfaction and an enjoyable fresh-baked taste every time.

While many of the packaged and store-bought cookies one can purchase are loaded down with flavor substitutes, preservatives and filler ingredients, buying from online cookie stores should be a wholly different experience. These bakers know their trade, and they ship made to order combos and custom recipes, so they have no reason to offer anything but the best cookie ingredients. Real chocolate and cocoa should never be replaced by stand-ins, nor should they be minimally present, especially in the brownies and cookies that use these ingredients as a major component. Far too often, large-scale retail brands use the best ingredients only sparingly, but professional bakers ought to know better. Brownie and cookie ingredient essentials like butter, sugar and flour taste better when they’re naturally produced, and if you fancy maximum flavor potential, you should keep an eye out for online stores that use organic cookie ingredients.

Preservatives present a problem for many picky consumers. Since many people shy away from preservatives entirely for health reasons, bakers often forgo their use, but the reality of shipping and storing baked goods means that some may be included. This doesn’t mean that confectionery has to be unhealthy, because such techniques have been used for thousands of years with no ill effect. Natural preservatives and flavor modifiers, like citric and ascorbic acids from fruit sources, natural honey and salt increase shelf life without detracting from taste or nutritional values. When determining your preservative preference while perusing the wide selection available in online cookie stores, remember that although natural preservatives often taste better, they may slightly decrease the shelf life of your order.

One of the hallmarks of a good online cookie store is that they measure ingredients by hand. This denotes that the baker pays close attention to detail, creating the tastiest product possible. It’s not hard to make cookies using a robotic assembly line, but if that’s what you really wanted, you could just go to a convenience store. Real, fresh-baked cookies and brownies that include love and care as two of their most important ingredients just taste better.

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