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Planning A Party With Cookies And Brownies From Online Shops

September 28, 2010

A children’s tea party is a fun, grownup event for little girls. This event will be formal by children’s standards. Food is a major consideration when planning a party. Finger foods are the cuisine of choice at tea parties. Small sandwiches with the crusts removed and delicate cookies are all that is needed. Shortbread cookies are traditional tea party fare. Good shortbread is rich, delicate and melts in the mouth. It is a special treat that has no equal. To save time and serve the best tasting cookies, buy cookies online.

The table is the focal point for this party. The finger food and tea service takes center stage. An attractive teapot with sugar bowl and creamer does not have to be expensive. A pretty design on the teapot is what the little girls will notice most. A tablecloth and cloth napkins make the tea party authentic. Children’s tea sets with their pint-sized cups will make tea drinking easier than if it is served in full sized teacups. The sandwiches should be small enough to fit on the diminutive plates. Consider the size of the cookies also when it is time to buy cookies online.

Planning a party to include the girls’ teddy bears or dolls will make the event memorable. Have a small table set up just for the dolls. It should be similar to the children’s table. Using plastic food for the doll’s table will avoid waste and messy cleanup.

Planning a party to include dress up will guarantee giggles and a good time. Children can bring their own dress up clothes and the accompanying costume jewelry, boas and hats can be provided by the hostess. These items can also serve as favors for the guests to take home. They can be purchased inexpensively at dollar stores.

Some basic etiquette should be reviewed with the guests before the party begins. This can be in game form to keep it light. They should know to say “please” and “thank you”. Make them aware of how to ask to have things passed to them. Remind them not to talk with their mouths full. Help them understand that no one child should be doing all the talking. Everybody should be included in the conversation.

Send an invitation to each guest. The invitation should specify if the girl is to bring her favorite doll or bear. If dress up is part of the plan, it should be included in the invitation. Be sure the details are clear so each guest arrives prepared. Some children suffer from food allergies. Detail what foods and beverages will be served to avoid allergic reactions. The focus of the tea party should be on everyone having a good time.

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