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3 Tricks To Help Make Sure Cookies Do Not Burn

October 4, 2010

It’s a terrible disappointment when the cookies you have so lovingly baked are burned beyond all recognition- or they came out of the oven looking great, but when you scraped them off the sheet you found the bottoms were black and charred. Your cookies will go in the trash, and you’ll have to save the day by ordering cookies online. Prevent burned cookies by following these three simple cookie tricks.

First, check your oven’s performance. Although you may set your oven for 350 degrees, the true temperature can vary greatly. You can check the real temperature of your oven by using a baking thermometer. Once you find out how hot your cookies actually bake at, you can adjust your recipes accordingly. You may have to turn down the temperature or bake the cookies for a shorter time. Baking is often an exact science, so the little details and degrees count! It may take a few tries, but you’ll soon have everything adjusted for perfect cookies.

Secondly, watch what you have under your cookies. This is especially true when your problem is burned cookie bottoms. Try searching for baking tools for cookies online, like a high-performance nonstick cookie sheet. Using too much butter or nonstick cooking spray to grease a cookie sheet can cause burns by frying the cookie bottom. You can also try using aluminum foil or parchment paper. This is probably the most important of all the cookie tricks to keep your cookies from burning. Even a slightly singed bottom can ruin the taste and texture of a cookie.

Finally, try using a wire cookie rack. The trick is to transfer the cookies from your baking sheet as soon as possible to prevent further baking on the hot pan, which can lead to burned cookie bottoms. Look for wire racks for cookies online, to find the right size for your needs. There are even racks with many tiers, so you can cool several batches of cookies at once. These racks are great for decorating cookies too, after they have cooled. Many good cookie tricks involve the right equipment. In fact, with a good cookie sheet and wire cooling rack, you may find yourself baking cookies like a pro!

Following these three cookie tricks may help you prevent burned cookies in the future. But, as you know, baking cookies or other desserts can be trial and error. Depending on your specific recipes, oven and baking tools, you will be sure to find methods for preventing burned cookies that suit you best. Many food websites have great recipes and tips for cookies online – just look around and you may soon find yourself baking perfectly delicious cookies.

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