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Tricks To Make Cookies Come Easily Off Of A Sheet

October 4, 2010

There are practical steps you can take to make sure that every time you make cookies, they turn out the way you want. There is the possibility that cookies will stick to their surface and you can use extra kitchen materials or take other actions to prevent this. For example, if you bake and have found that using only one cookie sheet is not enough to prevent over-browning even with the right temperature and baking time, you may want to try using aluminum foil or an extra baking sheet underneath the first one. If you would like to search cookies online to buy them or look up information for recipes, you may want to find out what brands of non stick cookies are compatible with virtually any cookie sheet surface, or how you can make them that way yourself.

Light greasing in order to keep cookies from sticking is often only a necessary step when using pans; many cookie sheets are nonstick by design. Otherwise, you can use an insulated cookie sheet, buy an oven thermometer to check the actual temperature as you go along, use a shiny sheet instead of dark, or use any nonstick, oven-safe liner on your sheet. You can also take practical steps after each bake by waiting until your cookies are cool enough to serve and, unless you are instructed otherwise, using a spatula to remove them from the surface. Non stick cookies and cookie sheets should allow for easy, relatively quick cleanup. To speed up the process even more, you may want to consider baking your cookies in a toaster oven. If you make your cookies using a packaged mix, you may not always be able to rely fully on the instructions you read, especially if your oven takes a different amount of time than is stated. In this case, you will probably have to improvise to get satisfactory results, because one of the main keys to make sure your cookies do not stick to the surface more than necessary is to wait a reasonable amount of time in which to let them cool after they are out of the oven. Make sure you do not wait too long to remove them from the surface.

If you are interested in further researching cookies online for ways to keep cookies from sticking to any surface you use, you are encouraged to do this at least prior to the next time you anticipate making cookies and possibly working with some information for the first time. Also be sure to inform others you know of any of your findings that seem helpful.

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