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Why Cookies And Milk Go So Well Together

October 4, 2010

Why do cookies and milk go so well together? It seems that everyone has a memory from their childhood of this afternoon or late-night snack. A warm chocolate chip cookie, or a cream sandwich cookie, or any other number of cookies partnered perfectly with an ice-cold glass of milk. The definition of cookie may have come a long way, from purely a snack to online cookies that capture information for websites, but the phrase “going together like cookies and milk” still remains in our lexicon.

In fact, there is probably no pairing of food and drink that’s more iconic. Cookies and milk are simply classic snack food. There’s the soft sweetness or crunchy goodness elicited by the cookie. Then there’s the milk – thick, white, cold and perfectly quenching. The two work together as a dessert yin and yang. You simply can’t have a cookie without milk to wash it down, and it’s certainly not as fun to drink milk without a cookie. Parents can even use cookies to get a reluctant child to drink his or her milk.

Try to eat cookies without milk. While the initial taste may be delicious, you will soon find yourself craving something to drink. Even the richest of cookies will leave your mouth dry. Water and other beverages will quench your thirst, but what beverage truly works with the cookie? Milk. It’s why cookies and milk are so popular.

Some people take their relationship with cookies and milk to another level. They dunk their cookies in the milk, combining the two to create a deliciously drenched creation of their own. It is a testament to the idea of cookies and milk that they can even be enjoyed as one, not just as partners.

It seems that even an institution like cookies and milk has entered the digital age. You can hardly surf anywhere on the Internet without seeing mention of online cookies. You can even order cookies online – giving the term online cookies a whole new meaning! But the question is, do those online cookies that you order also taste great with milk? The answer is, of course, a resounding yes. There is no cookie, from online or your oven that does not complement milk.

So what have we learned? No matter what type of cookie you have, or what grade of milk, there is no better taste combination than cookies and milk. So the next time you find yourself enjoying cookies from the store, oven or even online cookies, don’t hesitate to pour a glass of milk as well.

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