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What To Avoid When You Decide To Buy Brownies Online

October 13, 2010

When you buy brownies online, the greatest fear is that they will not taste good upon delivery. The inability to know where to buy brownies online that will represent the best quality deters many would-be purchasers from selecting their favorite, delectable treats for delivery. Below are tips on what to avoid when purchasing brownies online.

When choosing where to buy brownies online, the main consideration is ensuring that what is delivered to the doorsteps of you or the recipient is fresh, the first thing to avoid is pre-packaged and stored brownies. If the website does not provide information on the length of time between when a brownie is made until it is shipped, call and ask one of their customer representatives. The longer the time a brownie sits on a shelf, the more likely it is to be dry or have lost some of its flavor. When investigating where to buy brownies online, keep in mind when a company is uncertain of the answer to this question, it might not provide the best quality brownies indicated by their response.

Most brownies are not made the same day that they are shipped. Given the high demand to buy brownies online and the need to keep up with demand, this is almost unavoidable. Therefore, when determining where to buy brownies online, do not expect to find a brownie company that only begins to melt the butter after receiving an order. Some lag time between baking and shipping is to be expected.

However, when you buy brownies online it is also important to ask how the brownie is stored prior to being prepared for shipment. If the brownie is stored in a large pan while still intact, it is possible that the edges of the brownie might become dry prior to shipping. For the best flavor and moisture, brownies should be stored in airtight, individual wrappings. In your search for where to buy brownies online, consider how the brownies are wrapped during their wait period.

Where to buy brownies online is also dependent on the company’s shipping method. A company that requires more than a week to deliver brownies must consider the shelf-life of brownies. Moist brownies should be delivered within one to two days after ordering, and should be appropriately packaged to avoid air damage or outside moisture from touching them. A company that cannot promise a delivery time or that does not properly wrap their brownies may not be where to buy brownies online.

Most importantly, after you have decided to buy brownies online, you should work with a company that you trust. Ensure that the ordering process is easy and that customer representatives are available to answer your questions.

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