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What To Avoid When You Decide To Buy Cookies Online

October 13, 2010

Cookies are a timeless food. They make a great addition to any occasion, whether they are given as a gift, purchased in a bakery, or pulled out of the oven in time for desert. Like so many other products, the internet has made trying to find and buy cookies online- every cookie imaginable- as easy as search online and clicking. That convenience can be useful for people who need cookies but do not wish to bake them or do not have the time to do so. However, there are a few considerations and things to avoid that a customer should keep in mind when he or she is figuring out where to buy cookies online.

One thing to avoid is to buy cookies online that are not fresh or of high quality. Many bakeries use chemical agents to extend the life of their products, however some do not. Instead, they use natural preservatives that will extend the shelf life only a little. It is wise to know which method a vendor uses prior to purchasing its cookies. It is also important to check the cookies’ expiration date once they arrive.

Another item to avoid when deciding where to buy cookies online is purchasing them from a vendor with a bad product or customer service reputation. It can be helpful to look for product or customer service reviews online before deciding to purchase a desert product from a company. It is also helpful to find out that vendor’s size as well. Nationally-known cookie vendors have the luxury and the necessity of spending millions of dollars in marketing and advertisement. They are the vendors that people will see on TV and other media. The pricing of the cookies is generally tied to the amount of money that the company needs to use to sell and advertise their products. As a result, of that large amount of money that large companies spend, they assume minimal risk with every batch of companies that they produce.

Conversely, smaller, less well-known brands spend a lot less money on advertising and marketing and are a lot less recognizable. As a result of their smaller customer base and amount of materials and budget at their disposal, they assume a lot of risk with every batch of cookies that they produce. They often take a lot of care in their customer service in order to minimize dissatisfying their customer base and increase their chance of receiving customer referrals.

Even with its convenience and variety of the product that is available at one’s finger tips, it is important to consider a variety of factors before deciding to buy cookies online.

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