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How To Find The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Online

November 9, 2010

Over seven billion cookies are consumed yearly in the United States, and among them chocolate chip cookies are the most popular type. The history of the chocolate chip cookie dates back to 1930, when a woman named Ruth Wakefield accidentally discovered this now-classic recipe by using semi-sweet chocolate in lieu of baker’s chocolate to add to her cookies. When Wakefield created this concoction by mistake, she likely had no idea that it would become one of the world’s favorite cookies. After serving some of her new cookies to her customers and earning rave reviews, Wakefield send her recipe to a few publications and the chocolate chip cookie was officially born. Since then, chocolate chip cookies and milk have been one of the best-known food combinations.

When trying to make chocolate chip cookies without a recipe on hand, the Internet is a great resource for many different chocolate chip cookie recipes. Simply go online and type “chocolate chip cookies” into the search browser and various recipes will come up. The results will be a testament to the numerous available recipes that exist in order to bake the perfect, mouth watering chocolate chip cookies. Whether seeking to bake a traditional chocolate chip cookie or a different variety, such as a chocolate chip walnut cookie or a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie, there is sure to be the perfect recipe online.

To find the best cookies online, simply type in ‘chocolate chip cookie recipes’ and see what comes up. There are literally thousands of sites that should show in the results and each one seems to have a different ingredient, method or taste so be sure to try out as many recipes as possible in order to find the perfect combination of ingredients. Try looking at some of the sites that have four or five star ratings first if trying to find a recipe that will please multiple palates. These ratings show that the recipe has been tried and tasted to be a good one so go ahead and take a peek to see what each special online cookie recipe involves in terms of ingredients, directions and timing.

If time or ingredients are a concern, search the Internet for ‘chocolate chip cookies’ or ‘online cookies’ to see the results. It is possible to find a specific type of chocolate chip cookie, purchase a batch online and have them delivered to a friend, family member, co-worker or someone else. It doesn’t get much easier than that. With the Internet, it is easy to find chocolate cookies online and have the cookies shipped directly without a secret cookie recipe handed down through generations of family bakers.

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