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Three Types Of Cookies Everyone Loves At Christmas

November 9, 2010

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a great selection of traditional Christmas cookies. Whether you’re putting them beside the chimney on Christmas Eve for Santa Claus or just enjoying them with your friends and family along with a glass of eggnog, cookies really do make Christmas special. You can find some great recipes for online cookies on many websites, and these winter favorites will be sure to hit the spot. There are three types of cookies that go down great anytime, but particularly at Christmas.

Gingerbread men are a great Christmas cookie—for many people they are an essential Christmas treat, and the holiday wouldn’t be complete without them. They are really simple to make, and they can double up as gifts to hang from the Christmas tree. Gingerbread men are a great type of cookie to have around when kids come to visit because they can decorate the cookies with colored icing and candies, keeping them entertained for hours.

Sugar cookies are another treat that people really love to eat at Christmas time. Sugar cookies originated in the 1950s and have been a popular holiday recipe ever since. Sugar cookies are a great type of Christmas cookie for decorating because they hold their shape perfectly when baked. Pick up some Christmas-themed cookie cutters, in designs such as Christmas trees, holly branches or candy canes. After the cookies have baked and cooled, you can decorate them. For Christmas trees, cover the cookie with a layer of green icing and then dust with confectioner’s sugar to give the appearance of snow on the tree. Candy cane sugar cookies can be covered with strips of white and red icing to give a Christmas feel.

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? They are great at any time of the year, but as a Christmas cookie, they are up there among the greats. Chocolate chip cookies are a family favorite, and because Christmas really is a time for family, they are great for bringing everyone together. You can experiment by adding white chocolate chunks, hazelnuts or dried fruit to your cookie mix. You’ll find plenty of ideas online, but any combination you use is sure to taste great. The traditional way to enjoy these cookies is also the best—simply serve them with a glass of ice cold milk.

These online cookies make a great tree decoration. If you want to hang them from your tree this Christmas, simply punch through a small hole in the top of each cookie before the dough goes into the oven. Then when they are cooked, cooled and decorated, loop a piece of ribbon through the hole and tie them to the tree.

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