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Delicious Cookies And Gourmet Gift Ideas

January 3, 2011

Freshly baked, delicious cookies can put a smile on just about anyone’s face. There are hundreds of different cookie recipes and just as many uses. With gourmet cookie gifts, you have an instant house-warming present for a new neighbor or a thank-you gift for someone special. Cookies are not just for home anymore. Some small business owners have carved a special niche for themselves by baking, packaging and selling gourmet cookies. Culinary schools even offer classes dedicated to baking gourmet cookies. The cookie has become as American as apple pie.

Gourmet cookies have become very popular as a dessert at parties. Chefs and party planners are very creative at baking delicious cookies that have flair and panache. Take, for example, Linzer cookies. These cookies are actually in the torte family and come from the city of Linz, Austria. They start with a carefully, hand-made dough that needs just right amount of flour, lemon zest and almonds. Fill with high quality raspberry preserves and you have a unique, tasty cookie treat for the Christmas holidays.

Another extraordinary gourmet cookie is the Dark Chocolate Florentine. This rich-tasting recipe takes over an hour to prepare correctly and requires careful monitoring of the color while baking. Bakers use a special dark chocolate, usually reserved for candy, to make a crispy version of this cookie.

Some other delicious cookies that are included on many gourmet menus and presentations are Lady Fingers, Milano cookies, Chocolate Dipped Biscotti and Dobos Tortes. These delicious cookies are also being packaged into artful, gourmet cookie gifts. There are many creative and occasion-specific themes that can be used as table decorations, gifts or even items to sell. Assemble a “New Baby” gourmet package by taking gourmet chocolate chip cookies and decorating them with pink and blue icing. Wrap to ensure freshness and place in a small tin along with a baby rattle. New parents and visitors will enjoy this special treat.

Pastry chefs can also prepare custom-made gourmet cookie gifts such as specially shaped cookies to fit a specific corporate, international or state theme. These make great, one-of-a-kind holiday gifts for businesses looking to say “thank you” to their vendors and customers.

For a more basic approach, focus on baking a few specific types of gourmet cookies and package in small, sealable tins. Drop in a custom, handwritten note to friends or family and even include the recipes for a special added touch.

There many types of gourmet, delicious cookies; some recipes have been passed down by generations and take meticulous care when preparing. Creating unique, gourmet cookie gifts is a great way to let others experience these sensual treats

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